Nicki vs. Cardi

Cassandra Villareal, Reporter

The feud between rap queen Nicki Minaj and new upcoming rapper Cardi B has finally reached its peak. On September 8, 2018 both women attended harper’s bazar New York fashion week party. Their feud seemed to slowly begin in 2017 when both started to throw blows at each other in their music, interviews and at award shows. Most people in the industry, including fans, seemed to be adding fuel to the fire by pushing the idea that these two women have beef, but at first both seemed to be denying it. The two just discreetly dissed each other at first, but what nobody expected was for videos to surface of Cardi B yelling and throwing her shoes at Nicki Minaj during the New York Fashion Week party. In the video you can hear Cardi B yelling at Nicki not to talk about her kid and you can see her being restrained by the security as Nicki is surrounded by security guards in a corner. Cardi B is then seen being escorted out with a knot on her head while Nicki gets to stay and enjoy the rest of the party. Cardi then takes to twitter to make a statement about the situation stating that she can only take so much criticism about her parenting and child; although Nicki didn’t make an immediate statement she did talk about the issue on her new queen radio show on September 10th. On the 8th episode of queen radio Nicki Minaj not only clears up the altercation with Cardi B, but she also goes on to expose her for some of the things she had done in the past. Nicki Minaj denied ever talking about Cardi’s parenting and goes on to say that she believes this was all set up by Cardi’s team to make her look bad. She also goes on to show screenshots and even call up people as proof of some of the other claims that Nicki made against Cardi. Nicki went on to expose Cardi and even went on to rant about how embarrassed and ashamed she was that Cardi would do that in a classy place of business. Many fans and even celebrities are now starting to claim that Cardi B’s career is over and that she won’t be able to thrive in the female rap industry anymore while others are saying that Nicki is the one at fault. We now must wait and see how this altercation will affect both of their careers.