How are people successful?

Teal Weisfus, Possible 2017-2018 editor

Success in life is everyone’s goal. Everyone wants to have a successful career, marriage, etcetera. Unfortunately, not everyone will earn the success they are hoping for.  This is because the people that want success in life set up a goal and do not stop pushing at their goal until they have reached it. Successful people had to push past every barrier that was telling them to settle. Most people do not do this. They settle when they are about to reach their goal, when they start to believe it is impossible. If they broke down that last barrier they could have had it all, but instead they settled. They stayed in their comfort zone, also known as their safe place. The people in the world trying to reach their goal step outside of their comfort zone. Another reason some people do not reach success is because people have told them it is impossible. People that have not reached success and have given up will say it is impossible.  The people working towards their goal sometimes do not understand that just because you do not see something the same as other people, it does not have to mean that you are wrong. Not everyone will see what you see and that is okay. Someone else does not have to see your goal; it is yours for a reason, but sadly people’s opinions causes overs to give up. They are worried too much about people’s opinion about them to do what makes them happy. They rather just follow the crowd and stay the same as others. This is why some people are successful and others are not. Successful people ignored others opinion and continued on their path until they reached success. Non-successful people lead of their path to remain in their comfort zone. Success calls for sacrifices, but if you do not sacrifice, the goal you were trying to reach becomes the sacrifice.

My name is Teal Weisfus and I am a freshman. In the beginning of the year I was in Spanish 2, but I really wanted to be placed in a writing class. I heard that their was a journalism class and it sounded amazing. I had my classes changed right away. It was one of the best decisions I made to join this course. Entering this class I wasn’t aware of all the opportunities it offered. I hope to become an editor in the future because I believe my creativity and editing skills will help the editorial staff.