Senior Powderpuff Victorious Again

Johnae McCaskill, Reporter

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The Powderpuff game is an essential part of Homecoming week.  The game was between the fierce steel juniors and veteran seniors as they faced off to see which class had superior women on the football field. It seems that every year the seniors definitely win, but this year it was different.  You could feel the tension in the atmosphere. The first quarter started with the juniors kicking off and Bernasia Fox, senior, scored the first touchdown. They tacked on a 2 point conversion which left the score after the first quarter 8-0.

The second quarter started off with the juniors scoring a touchdown. A two point conversion later and the juniors knotted up the score at 8-8. The seniors then one upped the juniors by crossing the goal line with another touchdown, putting the score at the half 14-8 with the seniors having the lead.  Then the main attraction got under way, as the dude squad made their way out to midfield for the half time dance.

After the funny yet entertaining routine from the dude squad, the third quarter got underway. The juniors scored a touchdown almost instantly, tying the game 14-14. The rest of the quarter was played rough with juniors getting another touchdown, leaving the seniors in their dust and pushing the juniors into the lead at 22-14. The seniors were furious, and in the fourth quarter the tension began to rise.

The seniors made a touchdown to start the fourth quarter and tacked on the 2 point conversion to the game. The two teams traded touchdowns during the middle of the fourth quarter which kept the game tied, this time the tie took place at 28-28. “I was really nervous, I thought we were going to lose.” Said senior Maxine Seehafer about what she thought was the worst part of the game. Finally, in the last few minutes of the game, the field started to look pretty vicious. With the intensity at its peak, Paloma Singletary scored the final touchdown and held off the resilient juniors on a possible game tying drive. The final score of the powder-puff game was 34-28.

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