What success means to me

Carola Cardoza, Possible 2017-2018 Editor

Some people are not successful in life for a variety of reasons, the first is that people themselves are not motivated enough to actually go through with it. They are too scared to take risks. You cannot expect to go through your whole life without pushing yourself and taking some risks. No one will be there to make you want to do something; you have to take the things you want because no one will do it for you. Nothing in life is going to be given to you; everyone has to put in work to get where you want to be in life.

People need to have the skills it takes to be successful in life. You have to be dedicated to succeeding in life; this means that you must have self-discipline and not allow yourself to do anything that will get in your way. This also means that you must be responsible and make wise choices. You also need to be optimistic and not pessimistic; you cannot go through life with a negative mindset because it will hold you back from so many things. Instead of believing in themselves, people let that negative voice in their head take over and they end up not being able to go and reach their goal.

Sometimes however, even with having these positive things, not everyone becomes successful due to factors they cannot control. Some end up not getting their dream job due to a bad interview, biased boss, or just pure bad luck. The world is and will always be cruel with people having the power to be able to decide what will become of a person. Life is not always fair and sometimes the people that want it the most are the ones that do not end up achieving success.

My name is Carola ┬áCardoza and I’m a freshman. I was interested in this class because I like to express myself through writing and having people read what I write. I hope to one day become an editor for this class because I believe that with my skills, as well as the skills of the other people on the editorial staff, we can make the newspaper something that every one will want to read. Although it wasn’t my first choice in the beginning of the year it definitely is now, I wouldn’t want to ever switch to another class.