Swimming Preview

Sherlyn Gomez

Swimming is one of the things that some of us look forward to. As of right now, many other sports along with swimming are being postponed due to the pandemic. We are waiting to know if we will be able to have a swimming season or any winter sports. We will know more after Thanksgiving if we can have a swimming season or any winter sports because of the numbers increasing with the pandemic. We aren’t sure it is the safest. You can also sign up to make sure that you are staying updated with anything that will happen this season with the sports. You will also be able to know the latest news about this season’s swimming team and also make sure that we still are staying protected during this pandemic so that we can have winter sports and many more moving further. If we do get to have a swimming season some of the requirements that we are going to need to take are making sure that you are staying six feet from each other. No touching such as fist bumps are going to be aloud etc. There will also need to be small meetings when there is practice and making sure that the water is staying clean and that locker rooms should be used as little as possible. There will also only be fifty people in the natatorium even when there are meets. While these are a lot of changes that are being done it is the best way to make sure that everyone is staying safe. While it is difficult if we follow all of these rules if we do get a swimming season everyone will be staying safe while swimmers also get to have their swimming season. Along with the other sports, there are going to be a lot of requirements as well such as six feet apart from each other, making sure that you keep your mask on always. We are hoping that we do have winter sports this year while still staying safe but we won’t be able to know until after Thanksgiving. The only thing we can do now is just to stay safe and hope that our winter athletes can get a season.