Varsity Boys Bowling

Verin Chavez

Most, if not all, of the winter sports at Joliet Central High School have kickstarted their seasons. Boys bowling was one of the ones that started early on at the beginning of the new sports term. The Junior Varsity team was written about in the last article, this time around the Varsity team is being covered. 

Four players were hand picked by the Head Varsity Boys Bowling coach, Mr. Larson, to participate in the interview.  Robert Churchill and Matthew Ormins were the only ones that replied. The pair were asked a total of six questions, along with some additional information provided by Mr. Larson. 

The boys were asked about how the season is going as a starting question, and they replied with “the season is pretty good”. Matthew said that the best match played so far was the one they played against Plainfield East High School’s Varsity team on December 1st. In turn, Bobby replied that the best match was when they won first place in the Baker’s tournament at the beginning of the season. The two agreed that the team’s biggest competitors are Joliet West’s boys Varsity bowling team. 

           The best score bowled on our Varsity team is an impressive 220, which was played by Alexander Cavanaugh. The players are said to have a brother-like bond with one another. The boys treat their competitors nicely and show sportsmanship whenever they have matches set against another team. Some of the goals they’ve made as a team and as individuals are to work as a team, keep their cool, and make the best shots possible. 

Afterwards, Mr. Larson was interviewed on his view of the Varsity team. He said that the season’s going great, they have good chemistry on the team, the top bowlers help each other out with lane conditions and encourage each other to get better. Coach Larson’s goals for the team is to place in the upper half of the conference, to have at least two all conference players, with two players advancing in the regional sectional tournament. 

Concluding the interview, he was asked what’re some goals regarding JV as they move forward since they are the future successors of the Varsity team. Coach Larson said, “Next year we have 3 returning players on Varsity and we’re looking for two JV players to step in and one incoming freshman next year that should help the team”.