The Walking Dead Finale: Season 7 Review

Alyson Collins, Reporter

“No matter what comes next, we’ve won. We’ve already won” The seventh season of The Walking Dead was full of surprises. The beginning of the season was a shock to most fans when the director, Greg Nictero, decided to end the characters of Glen and Abraham. This brought controversy and hurt to the true fans they were really worried about what would happen with Maggie’s unborn child. If looking back a few seasons to when Judith was born, the likelihood of Maggie living would be a mystery. The season also brought a lot of heroism to characters who were simply unheroic. For instance, toward the end of the season, Tara was needing help from Eugene, who has grown tremendously as a character. He could risk his own life and successfully make a homemade bullet for the group since resources were depleted. Toward the end of the season finale is when things start to get tense for the group. Just as Negan is about to take down Carl with his ever so friendly Lucile, Ezekiel swoops in to save the day as the fight drags on and bullets fly from left to right. Eventually, the Saviors (The group attacking) all get away through homemade smoke bombs and disappear. As the beginning of the season, 8 fans are not sure what to expect besides the group finally being able to regain themselves and move forward. Comic-con had released a trailer for the opening of the season and it brings a lot of new questions. The end scene is just a short clip of Rick waking up in what looks a coma, with a long white beard. Next to him were flowers and a cane. Could it be that the whole apocalypse had just been a dream? Find out October 22nd when season 8 of The Walking Dead is released!