2023-2024 Staff

Holly Salazar-Ramirez
Photographer/Public Relations

Holly Salazar-Ramirez

High school can change many students for the better or worse. Whether they are good or bad, you are guaranteed a series of opportunities and experiences, but in the end, it is what we choose to make out of it.  For years,...

Features Editor

Laylah Moore

It still surprised me that I got chosen to be an editor for such an inspiring class. Between last year and this year, I can see that there has been so much growth and prosperity within myself. If you had told me many years ago ...

Sports Editor

Miriam Gaytan

I recall registering for Joliet Central and being asked what electives I wanted to take. The options were limited but as soon as I saw “Multimedia Journalism & Writing” as one of the options, I immediately chose it. Writing...

Managing Editor

Paityn Wilkinson

As managing editor, I’ve faced a variety of challenges and experiences. Taking on a leadership role has always been an aspect of who I am as an individual, something I’ve been used to when it comes to school and working tog...


Alexa Encarnacion-Hernandez

The role of editor-in-chief has long piqued my interest. I still remember my first foray into journalism as a freshman, excited and overwhelmed by the challenges ahead. As I navigated those initial hurdles, I couldn't help but wo...

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