American Horror Story


Francine Franco, Reporter

Are you interested in horror? Sci-fi? Drama? What if I told you that American Horror Story is all of that in one? American Horror Story is a show that centers around different characters and locations each season. So far, their seasons have been casted in a murder house, a witch coven, a hotel, a freak show, a possessed farmhouse, a cult, and an insane asylum. Their most recent season, Apocalypse, has aired on FX on Sept. 12 at 10/9c. In Apocalypse, the US has started a nuclear war. Many wealthy families were sent to bunkers that were equipped for survival. Unknowingly, these families were chosen due to their genetics. Each of these families are either “Purples” or “Grays”. The purples are the wealthy families who are being monitored, and the grays are the servers. Because of the outside contamination, everyone is prohibited to go outside and seek refuge elsewhere. For food, everyone is given a daily pill that gives them “all of the nutrients” that they need. While these families are being continuously monitored, the leaders of the bunker are secretly planning a scheme throughout the show. So far, this season is intriguing and full of anticipation; it just leaves you wanting more and more. (CAUTION: Inappropriate content, only for mature audience. Not recommended for people who are easily triggered with PTSD, etc.)