Astroworld Album Review


Jackie Albor, Reporter

Astroworld is the third studio album that Travis Scott has released in his years of being a rapper. The album was released on August 3rd of this year, featuring 17 songs from a multitude of different rappers like Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, Drake, and many more. Astroworld is getting more recognition in its 2 months of being published than any of his other studio albums. My favorite song from the album is Carousel, because it features my favorite artist Frank Ocean. But, Sicko Mode featuring Drake is a good song too, it’s also the most famous song of his album. I’ve heard it on the radio multiple times. It has different rhythms throughout the song, sort of like switching radio stations when in the car because of how different the rhythms and tempos are. I would recommend this album to people who like hip-hop/rap and people who are looking for new music to listen to.