Sierra Burgess is a Loser: Movie Review


Felicia Guerra, Reporter

Sierra Burgess is a Loser is an American teenage romance/comedy movie. It follows the story of a girl (Sierra Burgess) who isn’t happy with the way she looks.

One night Sierra received a text from an unknown number. The unknown number turned out to be from Jamey, the quarterback from Sierra’s rival school. Jamey sent a picture of himself to Sierra to clarify who he was. Sierra and Jamey began a relationship through texting and calling. One day while texting, Jamey called Sierra “Veronica”. Veronica was the popular mean girl at Sierra’s school. That’s when Sierra realized that Jamey had meant to text Veronica this whole time instead of her. Despite coming to this realization, Sierra decided to keep the relationship going. Jamey wanted to step up their relationship and finally facetime, but Sierra held off on it until she came up with a plan. Sierra came up with the plan to tutor Veronica so that Veronica would appear smarter to her college boyfriend. In return, Veronica would facetime and send pictures to Jamey for Sierra to keep Sierra and Jamey’s relationship going. Veronica agreed and the two started on the plan. Throughout the movie, an unlikely friendship is formed between Sierra and Veronica. Although Veronica seems like an unlikable character at first, the viewers grow to love her, once they can understand more about her. Sierra’s plan comes unraveled once she sees Veronica kissing Jamey. In Veronica’s defense, Jamey came onto her and Veronica put a stop to it. After all, Jamey did think that they were dating. Once Sierra saw the kiss, she decided to expose Veronica at the football game. Sierra hacked into Veronica’s Instagram and posted a picture of Veronica kissing her now ex-boyfriend from college. Everyone saw, including Jamey while he was in the middle of the football game. Jamey, thinking that he had been cheated on, was upset and confused. He was stopped dead on the field when the rival team tackled him. Sierra and Veronica both ran on the field to check on him. That’s when Veronica exposed Sierra as a catfish. Jamey was injured and confused. He told them both to stay away from him. Sierra became very distressed, and she realized that she was now all alone. Her best friend, Dan, wasn’t talking to her anymore because he was upset that she exposed Veronica. Sierra felt like she could never relate to her parents, because they were so perfect. After some time, Sierra decided to write a song called Sunflowers. She shared it with everyone and everything worked out for Sierra in the end.

Although this movie achieved the theme of accepting who you are, many people find this movie creepy. Viewers can’t seem to look past the fact that Sierra catfished someone, and so many people went along with it. It is a little weird because this movie seems like it supports the whole catfishing idea because of how everything works out in the end. All Sierra had to do was write a song and everything was fine; it’s just too unrealistic.

Throughout this movie, Sierra struggles a lot with self-love; in the end, she finally begins to overcome that. This movie has received very mixed emotions by many, but to really understand what everyone is talking about, one must watch Sierra Burgess is a Loser. Then you could really see the controversy.