Halloween (2018) Review

Halloween (2018) Review

Stefanie Jimenez, Reporter

The newest Halloween movie is a reboot of the entire franchise. Instead of going off the last movie that was made, it begins forty years later after the original Halloween.

David Gordon Green, the director, has incorporated many new elements into the movie. He also kept some of the same elements as Carpenter’s original movie, such as the beginning credits and the infamous actress Jamie Lee Curtis who plays Laurie Strode. In this new movie, she has grown up a lot and has even become a grandmother.

Because of what happened to her forty years ago, she has become extremely paranoid to her surroundings. Her family has distanced themselves from her because of her paranoia. Now on to the famous killer, known as Michael Myers. The serial killer is played by James Jude Courtney. In a scene in the movie, there is a cameo of Nick Castle as Michael Myers. Nick Castle was the first and original Michael Myers that was casted by John Carpenter.

Rather than focusing on a bloody and gory killing spree, this new Halloween focused more on developing the plot to revive the franchise and add more mystery and suspense. The relationship between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers is displayed on the screen as dangerous and scary. It was great because it gave for further character development and explanation of how each character is.

Overall, this new film has refreshed the franchise and opened a way for new movies to be created/ added on to this one. All the actors and the rest of the production have done a great job in creating the movie that has captivated the audience. If it goes well, there is going to be a new Halloween movie after this one hopefully in upcoming years.