The Blood of Olympus

Natalee Urbasek

The Blood of Olympus , written by Rick Riordan, is an American fantasy novel  following characters Jason Grace, Percy Jackson, Leo Valdez, Frank Zhang, Piper McLean, Annabeth Chase, and Hazel Levesque along with a few others. It is based on Roman and Greek mythology and is the final novel in the Heroes of Olympus series. The story goes that the group has to save Camp Half-Blood in Maine and Camp Jupiter which is located in Rome. The 7 friends venture out to save both camps from being destroyed by Gaea, or “Mother Earth”. Gaea gave birth to all Titans, giants, cyclops, and other monsters. Near the middle of our heroes adventure, Leo Valdez finds himself stranded on Ogygia. This is a small stranded island just on the east side of The South Shetlands. Leo finds himself face to face with Calypso, a small time goddess who was cursed to forever be on the island. While during a small ship wreck, Jason and Percy find themselves face to face with Kymopoleia, or Kym, a minor Greek goddess of violent sea storms. A nymph daughter of Poseidon and the wife of Briares, a hundred handed one. Her appearance is pretty intimidating if you ask me. She was a twenty-four foot tall woman in a flowing green dress cinched at the waist with a belt of abalone shells.  Her skin was a luminous white, like a clean shiny pearl. Her hair swayed like jellyfish tendrils. Her face was beautiful but unearthly- her eyes were too bright. Her features were delicate, her smile was too cold. It was as if she had been studying human smiles but hadn’t mastered it yet.  While being trapped on Camp Half-Blood along with other campers, Nico Di Angelo (son of Hades) and Will Solace (son of Apollo) defeat the 20 foot tall woman. After defeating Gaea, both camps setting peace with each other and campers are free to move from the Roman side to the Greek side, or the Greek side to the Roman side. Now the campers and couples can sleep peacefully knowing that their worlds are safe…or are they?

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The Blood of Olympus