Ariana Grande’s New Album

Grace Bunch

Ariana Grande is a singer and actress, and is known for acting as Cat Valentine on the Nickelodeon show, Victorious. She’s had many successful albums, and her most recent album has just come out. The title song is Positions, and the tracklist would be as followed: shut up, motive, off the table (ft The Weeknd), six thirty, just like magic, safety net (ft Ty Dolla $ign), my hair, nasty, west side, love language, motive (ft Doja Cat), obvious, pov and other songs. After release of the album on October 30th, she lands the fifth No. 1 album on the Billboard Top 200, which is the third time in the time span of two years and three months. She earned over 1.75 million clicks when streaming, following along with 174,000 equivalent album units sold. 

The most popular track songs of the album were Positions, off the table (ft The Weeknd), and pov. According to YouTube, Positions had over 98 million views, and 4 million likes. In the music video, it showed Grande in a presidential leadership, and a strong female lead in this music video. She showed a strong story line throughout the song, showing that she’s willing to change places to help adjust with her significant other. Along with pov, which has over 10 million views along with 406K likes. pov explains that Grande is thankful for her significant other for loving her as who she is despite her flaws and physical and emotional features. She also explains that she should also love herself in a way and she should never doubt herself knowing that her significant other loves her for who she is. off the table featuring The Weeknd, has 7.5 million views and over 354K likes. The song’s storyline explains that she has doubts of herself on how she is treating her significant other, and she is worried about how she treats this person. Meanwhile, on The Weeknd’s part, he explains that she’s doing okay and he wants to love her if she allows him. If she allows him, she will feel the benefits from the significant other’s love and reassurance. 

After asking a student their opinion of the album, they explained that they knew that the album was about how Ariana Grande was feeling and how she’s doing throughout her life currently. They explained that the album was enjoyable and they had a lot of fun listening to the album and they would listen to the album on repeat because it’s that enjoyable, and they recommend it to those who are currently looking for new albums or artists to enjoy.