He’s All That

Truett Bentsen

“He’s All That” (released 2021) is a modern remake of the film “She’s All That’’. The premise of the movie is that a famous online social media influencer is given a shock when it is revealed that her boyfriend is cheating on her. After the video of her reaction goes viral, she loses her sponsorships, and many of her followers. Soon after she makes a bet with a friend to take any loser and turn them into the next prom king. But in doing this she realizes that she has fallen for her pet project. This movie had many good points such as the characters and general diversity of the movie. However, for all the good things I can say about a movie there are plenty of bad aspects as well. One such aspect is the overworked plot. The plot in the movie is as simple as this popular girl meets an unpopular guy and begins to befriend him to gain more popularity. But upon spending time with this guy she realizes that she really does love him and genuinely wants to be with him. Unfortunately, the guy finds out about the bet, resulting in her having to apologize in some large eccentric way to prove her love is real. Another aspect of this movie that was less than satisfying was the unrealistic way everything conveniently came together at the right time. In the end, audiences preferred the original, but still appreciated the cheesy romantic flick.