On My Block Season 4

Cayden Summers

Season 4, the final season of On My Block finishes up the Netflix series with their usual comedy and drama, and labels itself as a stable coming of age narrative. The actors of On My block earned their spot as rising talents, but the good acting isn’t good enough to distract you from a narrative that comes as rushed and sets off a balance that once set the show apart. All three seasons showed an intense, drama packed, thriller, and left us questioning, but season four does not hold up to that. Season four was still good but compared to other seasons, you should lower your expectations before watching because it didn’t address alot of events and was often rushed. The world and its characters are well written with good actors that could have been used to their fullest potential. Season four also goes back to their heartfelt comedy that reminds us why people loved the show, the heartfelt comedy also tells a tale of the four characters’ friendship. Season 4 struggles to grab your attention after episode one drops all your interest in the show. The show On My Block served its part as a conclusion as a coming of age story, you could stay wanting more and that is the inevitable result of any coming of age story, where the conclusion is where the characters we love are only just the beginning of their lives.