DC Comic Reveal

JT Elder

Back in September of 2021, well-known comic book company, DC Comics (simply known as just DC), revealed the comics that are to be released this month, which is definitely something to look forward to for those who are into comic books, particularly DC. This month, issue 1 of Justice League Annual 2021 will be released. In JLA, two of DC’s core superhero teams, the Justice League and the Legion of Superheroes, who normally are allies, will be pit up against each other in combat. As well, more Batman comics can be expected to come out, with issue 118 having a cover that pays homage to the 90’s comic book speculation boom, featuring the old DC logo, as well as a text bar that reads, “New Collector’s Item Issue?”.

Besides new issues of Batman, DC’s also bringing out numerous new titles, such as the Batgirls series, where Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain work together as Gotham’s girl protectors. Not only that, but a limited 3-issue Black Label series, Swamp Thing: Green Hell will also be launched this December. Finally, One-Star Squadron (about an amateurish team of superheroes) and World of Krypton (providing a deeper look into Superman’s past) will be released. 

Well, it certainly appears that DC is truly spoiling everyone this year, with plenty of new releases. This winter break, definitely spend some time cozying up with some warm blankets, a cup of hot chocolate, and a couple comic books (that is, if comic books happen to be of any interest).