Home Sweet Home Alone Movie Review

Brandon Perez and

This Holiday movie is great to watch with family and friends and it comes out at the right time just a few weeks before the holidays, this movie tells the story of Max Mercer a boy whose relatives are visiting his home for the holidays and are planning to leave for Tokyo, Japan which Max doesn’t agree with because he doesn’t like staying with his relatives because he feels like he gets no attention so he goes to the car in the garage and stays there then the next morning his whole and family and relatives leave to the airport then later max wakes up inside the car and when he goes to look for his family they are nowhere to be seen then he realizes that he has been left home alone then he messes around the house doing whatever he wants then after a few hours he gets bored of it and starts wondering if his parents have realized he was not of the flight but after Max parents land in Tokyo and are in the Hotel Max Mom realizes that he wasn’t on the flight so her Mother wants to go back and see if he is okay meanwhile back at home max is at home when he hears the front door open he thinks its his family but when goes and looks its two people he hasn’t seen then when the strangers see the child they ran away the max knew that he had to defend his home from the robbers so he sets up many traps around the house and after he does that he waits for the robbers to come to the house then when the robbers get inside the house after he catches the robbers they leave and then Max Mother comes home then the movie ends there so my thoughts its great because it comes out before the holiday and you can watch it with friends and family.