Tik Tik Boom

Cayden Summers

Tik Tik Boom is a musical drama film based on Jonathan Larson’s performance of his rock monologue. Andrew Garfield stars in this film as Jonathan Larson, Jonathan Larson was an American Composer who was famous for writing RENT after his tragic death on January 25, 1996. The film Tik Tik Boom is full of surprises with all empathy it requires, it portrays Jonathan’s creative process. The film dives into Jonathan Larson’s life blending fact and fiction with music, innovation and theater. It is a fun film for anyone who is a fan of Broadway. Tik Tik Boom isn’t for all audiences, The movie has back to back singing moments that can be found annoying with an introduction that could be fairly confusing. One thing about this movie is you jump straight into the movie. It is straightforward and with a run time of 1 hour and 55 minutes, it sure knows how to use its time, which is unexpected because the movie likes to get straight to the point. The actors of this movie, Oscar winning Andrew Garfield, Jordan Fisher, Vannessa Hudgens, Alexandra Shipp really sell the performance for this movie especially Andrew Garfield because his past movies are so different from anything musical. Andrew Garfield also did good in this movie considering he kind of resembles the real life Jonathan Larson but a little far off. If you don’t mind musicals or if your looking to get in to musicals than Tik Tik Boom is the movie for you.