Math Tutoring and Writing Center

Antonio Garcia

The New Writing Center have started this week into the first week of the second semester to help students get help with their english work and getting helped with math tutoring, led by Mr.Riley and different english teachers and honor students, they hope to make a impact and an improvement in helping students with their work even when on a tight schedule, the new writing center is located on the collaboration space by the multipurpose room, available all 5 days of school week, it is available during all advisory periods and is available to all grades and students, no pass needed, it is available during advisory periods. (4A-7B). Along with that there is also the math tutoring room also led by different math teachers looking to help tutor students, it is available 5 days a week to any student in any grade, the schedule goes as it follows: 

Math Tutoring: 

Period 5A: Room 850 

Period 5B: Room 820 

Period 6A: Room: 750 

Period 7A: Room 366 

Period 8A: Room 730