Oddinary Review


Verin Chavez

On March 18, 2022, Stray Kids’ newest extended play was released after it was made known to the public from the band’s managing label, JYP Entertainment. The mini album has a run time of twenty-two minutes, having consisted of seven tracks. It is a self-produced extended play from the band, as all of their previous albums have been. 

Most of the tracks were written and composed by Bang Chan (Christopher Bang), Chang-bin Seo, and Ji-sung Han, who are also a sub-unit known as 3RACHA. Tracks such as “Muddy Water” and “Waiting for Us” were also co-written by members Hyun-jin Hwang and Felix Lee, alongside Lee Know (Min-ho Lee), Seung-min Kim, and I.N. (Jeong-in Yang), respectively. 

On the morning of March 16, 2022, the group surpassed an amount of over 1.3 million pre-orders, breaking their personal record of 930,000 pre-orders, set by their previous album “NOEASY”, which was released back in August of 2021. This extended play exceeded the previous milestone by about 400,000 orders. 

“MANIAC”, the title track for ‘Oddinary’, has a special meaning to their lyrics, just as all of their previous tracks do. The message portrayed through the song is being seen as crazy, or a “freak” for being yourself, instead of falling in line with everyone else.  Stray Kids go on to express that they don’t care how they are viewed, as long as they are themselves. 

‘Oddinary’ can be sold as a physical album, produced and distributed by their label JYP Entertainment. The album for the extended play comes in three versions; FRANKENSTEIN, a black and green themed package; SCANNING, a blue and black theme; and MASK OFF, a red and black theme.