This Is Halloween

Jocelyn Mora

It’s the day of Halloween, and Lexie is excited yet horrified. She doesn’t think people will be in clown costumes, at least she hopes. It’s about time people are heading out to gather candy, she’s ready to stuff herself for her first year without braces! Lexie has always been bullied for having such hideous teeth. Many would call her names like “nerd”, “crooks”, “ugly”, etc. She would always wear face masks to make herself feel better. She would always feel better watching her comfort show, Criminal Minds. A new episode would stream today but so much candy is calling her name, so she headed out. With the few friends she had, they disappeared into the ominous night. 

Lexie had been trick-or-treating since 5:30. It’s now 6. She hasn’t seen a clown up until now. She’s freaking out, a panic attack breaks out of her. The clown notices and walks towards her, and her friends are nowhere to be seen. The clown has such a sinister face, she is about to pee herself. The clown’s clothing is so dirty, she has a feeling this isn’t going to turn out great.  She feels like she is about to die, but what she doesn’t know, he’s going to kidnap her. Not only is she scared for her life but…how did she end up like this? Did her fear manifest this? How will they find her? She isn’t scared of the clown anymore; she’s just scared of when she will be free. She’s sweating so bad, places she didn’t know could sweat. As soon as she hears a door creak open, it’s her mom. She fell asleep after eating so much candy she left Criminal Minds playing, she let out a sigh of relief. It was all just a nightmare.