Wasteland Album Review


Laylah Moore

After two years of waiting on something from him, Brent Faiyaz dropped a new album called “Wasteland” on July 8, 2022. In this 18 track album Brent introduces us to the world of toxic relationships and other themes of compelling self reflection. He also includes 3 skits in his album where we get the artist’s perspective into what a toxic relationship is and how they feel when they end. He also brings up how the internet has made the word “toxic” a meaningless word, when it actually means something to people. The song “ALL MINE” has more than 4 million listeners streaming the whole album. In “ALL MINE”  Brent uses his charm and lovely vocals to portray reminders to his ex-girlfriend of the great moments of their past, to convince her that he’s a changed person and he loves her more than her current boyfriend as the song fades and floats into vapor. The song “LOOSE CHANGE” talks about how Brent is trying to discover what the point of love is. The album also features popular music artists Tyler The Creator, Alicia Keys, Drake, The Neptunes, Joony, and Tre’ Amani. Other parts of Faiyaz’s project are the imagery and the artwork involved. Overall, if you are into R&B  or H.E.R, Steve Lacy, or PartyNextDoor you will enjoy an album like “Wasteland”.  Overall, Wasteland is an amazing album to listen to when you are doing anything or nothing at all, and is highly recommended.