Holiday Movies

Laila Chandler

As fall starts to wrap up and transition, the start of the holiday season finally begins. The holiday season consists of some of the year’s most extravagant holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. The holiday season brings opportunities for families to come together, while also allowing companies to put out limited-time products. Many businesses begin to put out seasonal food, drinks, clothing, and decor to celebrate with others. At the heart of all these things though, filmmakers play a special role in making the holiday season more festive. With all the special holiday sales, there needs to be a side to go accompany them. Holiday movies were created to bring people together during the holidays, give important messages, and spread joy. Some films focus on just the fun and celebrating the season, while others focus on the traditions that make up the holidays. Others may focus on trying to make their audience laugh, and feel good while watching the movie. Different series incorporate holiday cheer. Some may exist in the already-created worlds, while others can be stand-alone and just that. Some series may even decide to incorporate crossovers, Christmas, and other specials. Some may do it to not only fit Christmas but simply the season. Depending on what audience the creators choose, depends on who watches it. If it’s towards children, more childlike audiences will be attracted, but if it’s more of an adult film, adults will be seen watching it rather than kids. In holiday films, emotions are a huge factor because they help the audience relate to the characters in not only a physical but an emotional sense. Over the past few years, spending time watching films have slowly entered our lives and become a tradition, by snuggling under a blanket surrounded by those you love the most, and enjoying the films.