“It takes a Village”

Holly Ramirez

“It takes a village,” says Jalen Jones, the genius behind “Thanksgiving In 5” held at Joliet central high school, on November 19, 2022.  Jone’s idea for this event was to be able to give to the community. This is all seen at the event starting with bags of hygiene products; one for females, one for males, and one for kids. Then proceeding to clothes donated by staff and students in Joliet West, Central, and others. There was a lot to pick from, but they were limited. People who attended got free clothing and hygiene products, but they were also able to get free haircuts, and kid books, the kids were able to play games and watch movies, but the most special part of all is that they were able to get a delicious thanksgiving meal! There were so many volunteers, and they all enjoyed being a part of something so big and being able to help the less fortunate, and those who went were so very thankful for what was done. Did you know that Jalen Jones is a former Steelmen? Jone’s attended Joliet Central, through all four years, and he was once a young teen with dreams that he was able to make true. Jalen was Mr.J for his class, captain of the basketball team, Key club member, and band member, and he was a part of NHS (national honor society).  Jalen Jones said that he strived to do his best in and out of school, “I fought to be top of the class and proudly understood that school was my top priority—in other words, my JOB. My job wasn’t to get good grades but to do the best I could do.” He also goes ahead to announce that his favorite holiday was always thanksgiving, because of the meaning behind it. “The spirit and purpose surrounding the event, and appreciation for life.” He is so proud of how it turned out, and Central can not be more proud to be able to be a part of the beginning of an amazing purpose.