Strange World — The Disney Movie with the Least Amount of Advertising.

Thomas O'Neal

“Strange World” is the newest movie released from Walt Disney’s Animation Studios, making it the first movie released from the studio this year! It was released on November 23rd of this year, with little to no advertisement. It currently has a 72% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, along with bombing its theatrical release, costing Disney a total loss of $147 million. Strange World has been given an abundance of reviews; a decently equal amount of both good and bad, with most saying the same thing, “Bland yet Beautiful”. When visiting Rotten Tomatoes for reviews, one of the most notable is, ‘“Strange World” is painfully mediocre, but it goes back to classic action-adventure Disney days (think Atlantis and Treasure Planet). Wondrously vibrant and grand with great voice work. The world-building and overall takeaways save it from being a flop” (Sara Clements, Rotten Tomatoes Review). This movie’s animation quality, musical scores, and spectacular voice cast seem to be reminiscent of movies such as Moana, The Incredibles, and, as stated in the review, Atlantis, along with giving vibes from Studio Ghibli’s work. Although all of these factors are present, Disney fans are still not satisfied with this film. Families claim that this movie was too “woke”, meaning that the characters are very much aware of social and racial inequality and prejudice, along with “pushing homosexuality on children”. Many people have ranted, using their own beliefs and how “Disney has lost a fan”. But regardless of what others have to say, you should at least give this movie a try and see how you like it.