Midnight Album: Taylor Swift

Laritza Perez

A long-awaited album teased since the MTV Video Music Awards, American songwriter Taylor swift is known for writing romance and past heartbreak songs. Midnight is an album that contains a peek into the life of Taylor and her development as a Songwriter and her past significant others. Directing her songs towards her life events and experiences, Taylor embraces and defines her past as part of her and ingresses it into her music. Containing 13 official song tracks, 20 including Midnight’s 3 am Editions. After having previous albums that range from soft to hard, “Midnight” consists of a song collaboration with Songwriter Lana Del Rey called “Snow on the Beach”. The rest of “Midnights” songs produced by Taylor and her regular collaborator Jack Antonoff, contains most of her vocals. Midnight is her most popular album so far starting with her top hit being “Anti-Hero” it contains the deep meaning of avoiding parts of yourself and can’t face the brutal honesty. Throughout “Anti-Hero” it is imposed by Taylor of having self-hatred issues. “Midnight Rain” is a song that starts by bringing back old memories of midnight’s past, referring to the theme of breaking someone’s heart to start over one’s own life. “Lavender Haze” the first song of the album starts the album by specifying she heard the words “Lavender Haze’ while getting the feeling of being loved. “You’re On Your Own, Kid” is a song that describes a girl who waited for a boy to notice her until she gave up and achieved fame but realized she was on her own. This song is implying that you might be on your own but there is nothing to be afraid of. “Vigilante ****” is a “Karma” style song of an ex-wife gaining revenge on her cheating ex-husband while being helped by Taylor to forget about him, giving an adopted reputation a mixture of feelings from her last album. Overall Midnight was an album with lyrics that are about love and a journey of not letting past events affect what you’ve built!