Taylor Swift Album Review

Leydi Vazquez

Taylor Swift’s album was released on Oct 21, 2022 thanks to her producer Jack Antonoff. This new album of Taylor Swift is one of her biggest albums because it was sold out right away as it came out. She dedicated all this album to honor her fans who she calls “Swiftie”’ since they have been by her side and are really supportive of her music. This album would be considered Taylor Swift’s 10th studio album. There was lots to talk about it as well since it was announced by Taylor in the 2022 VMA’s. Her new album is also called “Midnight” since it was mentioned in one of her songs. As it got released it became one of the most streamed albums in Spotify she also became the most-streamed artist later on. It also set the record for biggest pop album on Apple Music. There are about 13 songs on Taylor’s new album.  The bonus edition tracks were announced by target on exactly October 13, 2022 which made everyone go insane since they were really excited for the new album. Taylor also said in an interview that her new album is a big return for her and that it is also more of a personal subject matter after she had moved away from her past 2 albums. She also described it as the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout her life. Taylor in the end was really happy and proud of herself to be able to release a new album for all of her biggest fans.