Avatar 2: Way of Water

Lilith Ventura

The first Avatar movie was released all the way back in 2009 and was about how the earth is dying and the sky people (humans) needed a new planet to live on because the earth was dying and so they found Pandora, a planet that had the right resources, however, did not have breathable air. Because they didn’t have breathable air on Pandora they created Avatars that looked like the indigenous humanoid creatures called the Na’vi. The NA’vi are often 9 to 10 feet tall and have blue skin with luminescent spots and dark blue zebra-like stripes. The first Avatar movie subtly hinted at the climate and global warming issues on our planet. Avatar 2: Way of Water subtly hints at the destruction of sea life and of our oceans while making a movie that is almost all CGI. This movie and the supposed 2 more sequels are almost entirely all CGI with the 4th movie rumored to only be CGI. James Patterson (the creator of Avatar) has also said that he is already planning on an Avatar 6th & 7th movie. There are a few drawbacks about the movie; one of the main ones is the length, with it being 92 minutes, having to sit the whole time and not wanting to get up so you don’t miss anything important was very frustrating. Another drawback is that you have to watch it in 3-D so for someone who wears glasses, it’s very difficult to put the 3-D glasses over the actual glasses just to see the movie and it can be a bit uncomfortable as well. But on a more positive note, the Avatar movies have set a huge bar for up-and-coming movies that use CGI with whole ecosystems and extremely detailed and breathtaking scenes.