Avatar: The Way of Water

Zachary Jenkins

In 2009, one of cinema’s most prolific filmmakers, James Cameron released Avatar which remains one of the most famous films of all time and one of the highest-grossing ever produced. And now we get the continuation of the story of the Na’vi, set 16  years from the first film the main character from the first film  Jake Sully now lives with his Na’vi wife “Neytiri” with their four children Neteyam, Lo’ak, Tuk, and adopted daughter Kiri, live peacefully in the Omatikaya clan on the planet Pandora. Yet the good and peace end fast when RDA returns trying to colonize  Pandora as the earth is dying slowly and Colonel Miles Quaritch from the first film this time in the body of a Na’vi has he and his son “Spider” soon force Sully and his family out of his clan as they seek refuge near the ocean and find another clan, this time the Metkayna clan who are deeply connected with the ocean. With the basic plot down it is very important to mention this film is a spectacle over a story, without a doubt the visuals in the film are simply stunning and truly the best Hollywood or Cameron has seen in a long time. That’s not a knock on the story of the film it’s more so just goes to show how the CGI and effects are a tour, that’ll certainly leave you with your mouth open and amazed at how truly beautiful the element of water and Visuals can be in entertainment.