Friday The 13th

Dahlya Diaz Medina

Like any other unlucky belief, Friday the 13th is known to be one of the unluckiest days to appear on a calendar.  Friday the 13th appears at least once every year and it is most related to doom to western superstitions. To this day there is no current-day record as to where the title of the unluckiest day began but it is known that the superstition was born around the 13th century.  But the first noted reference was during the 19th century. So why are we so scared of the number thirteen, where did it come from, and why is it so popular? The fear of Friday the 13th  is called Paraskevidekatriaphobia. These are two fears combined, the number 13 and Friday. But to most people, the fear is s mostly based on coincidences like the bombing of Buckingham palace and more. In fact, many hotels and buildings skip the thirteen floors as well as airlines skip the 13th row. But why is the number thirteen so unlucky?  The number Religiously believed to be unlucky because it is many Christians believe that there were 13 apostles in the last supper and the 13th disciple was a traitor. Along with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ which was on Friday the 13th. Friday the 13th is associated with doom so much that there is a series of movies and a game based on a murderer who was born on Friday the 13th  going on a killing spree at a lake.