Mac DeMarco: Five Easy Hot Dogs Album Review

Evelin Jimenez

Having not released music since 2019, Mac DeMarco fans were surprised, but also anticipating the release of his new album announced on January 4th, “Five Easy Hot Dogs”.The Album was released on January 20th. There are 14 songs on the album..The first track” Gualala”, has a mellow, sad beat. The second track” Gualala 2”, has a more energetic but chill beat at the same time. The third track” Crescent city”, has more of a slow and soothing beat compared to the first 2 tracks. It’s the kinda song you can fall asleep and vibe to. The fourth track” Portland”, has a similar beat and sound to the first track of the album “Gualala”, just with more mystical vibes to it, with some added sounds. The fifth track “Portland 2”, has a more quicker, upbeat sound than the other tracks thus far. The sixth track” Victoria”, has more of a mysterious, running-in-the-forest type of feel. The seventh track” Vancouver”, has a very unique beat but still has a calming feel. The eighth track” Vancouver 2”, has a mesmerizing sound, with a chill, soothing vibe. The ninth track” Vancouver 3”, has similar sounds to the previous track” Vancouver 2”, just carried over. Like “Vancouver 2” sounded like the beginning of something and this track” Vancouver 3” sounds like the end of something with more of a slower beat than the last track. The tenth track” Edmonton” has a video game music vibe. The eleventh track” Edmonton 2” has a different vibe compared to “Edmonton”.This song is more slow and more relaxed, while” Edmonton” is more electric and video game-sounding. The twelfth track” Chicago” has an upbeat and picnic vibe. The thirteenth track” Chicago 2” has a slow and funky beat. The final track” Rockaway” has a neutral beat, it is upbeat and funky, but could also be seen as slower.