The Long Awaited Japanese Stray Kids Album

Jhoana Figueroa

STAY’s, the fandom name for Stray Kids fans, all around the world have long awaited a full album of just songs within the Japanese language from them. From their start to now, only some featured pieces have been put into the Japanese language like the song “Case 143” which is now available in a Japanese version along with many more. Their newest album’s name is “The Sound”, set to be released on February 22, 2023. The album will be featuring 11 songs, some new and some old but rewritten and published in Japanese. The 11 tracks within the album are titled: The Sound, Battle Ground, Lost Me, DLMLU, Novel, Case 143, Chill, Scars, There, The Sound (Instrumental), and one more that is still being decided upon. DLMLU was written and composed by member Hyunjin Hwang, while Novel was written by Sungmin Kim. The teaser trailer is already out on Youtube, showing the members with significant instruments, an example being member Jisung Han with a piano and fellow member and leader, Bang Chan with a composer’s wand because he leads the whole group as one. To have a better chance at getting a hard copy of the album, fans sign up for their fan club on Twitter which does cost money, but it may be worth the price. As the time comes closer and closer, the anticipation only grows to see each member talent themselves once again.