Wednesday Series Review

Hannah Flores Ritter

On November 23 of 2023, Netflix released a Wednesday, the daughter of the family, directed by Tim Burton. Because of her great interpretation, the show’s directors have a lot of mileage out of the physical aspects of 20-year-old Jenna Ortega’s performance, such as her ability to own the floor while remaining true to her dark side. In addition, her small stature is also showcased in her many confrontations, which give her more power and make her an underdog even though her superior attributes and determination make her surpass everyone’s expectations. It all starts with Wednesday trying out her protect her younger brother from bullying, however, everything backfires on her, and is expelled from the school so her parents decide to send her to the high school they went to, her as a teenage girl trying to be different from her parents, tries to escape from the school until one day something unusual happened, this affecting others eventually so Wednesday is very intrigued and decides to figure the mystery out. The show utilizes classic teen-friendly elements to bring a bit of humor to its dark corners. The “Clueless” tour of the school’s cliques is one of these, and there are more, such as the headmistress, the secret society, and the love triangle. The action is suspenseful, and the social commentary about settler colonialism is satisfying. Wednesday’s evolution out of her teen angst also adds to these elements.¬†Even though this show had a lot of unexpected turns and was a rollercoaster as a whole, it balanced out the darkness of the characters perfectly while also not pressuring the audience into recognizing Wednesday as a loveable here, however, it is undebatable this show uniquely won all of our hearts. The ending given left us with mixed feelings however, it is assumed that there will be a second season and we can’t just wait for it!