“Heroes and Villains” Album by Metro Boomin

Cayden Summers

“Heroes and Villains” is an album with big-name features on songs you would have never thought would be on together. Metro Boomin’s new album serves as a sequel to his previous 2018 album “Not All Heroes Wear Capes”. The albums have rappers like Future, Travis Scott, Young Thug, and Gunna. This album was hyped and promoted with Morgan Freeman’s narration and rappers as comic book characters. Metro Boomin starts to take risks and thinks outside the box like having The Weekend and 21 Savage on a song together without taking things away which makes his music so appealing. Another example is having Future, Chris Brown, A$AP Rocky, and Takeoff on songs together is a song that is out of the box and does well. The album succeeds in a contained universe with narrators, antagonists, and heroes. This is not Metro Boomin’s personal best but it was one of the best albums so far this decade. If you like a psychedelic trap or cinematic music “Heroes and Villains” is the album for you.