CMIYGL: The Estate Sale Album Review

Laila Chandler

R&B artist Tyler, The Creator broke records after releasing his album: Call Me If You Get Lost in June of 2021. The original album was released with 16 tracks while following the re-release of the deluxe version, eight new tracks were added because they didn’t make it into the original album. The songs ‘DOGTOOTH’ and ‘SORRY NOT SORRY’ were released a few days before the album’s release as a teaser. Both songs received a lot of positive feedback from the communities on social media and journalists. Fans anticipated a release this year, considering the artist takes a two-year hiatus before returning to break records yet again. For example, his previous albums were released in 2021, 2019, 2017, and so on. One of the eight songs added to the album, ‘SORRY NOT SORRY’ features the artist in a music video dressing up as each persona from all of his albums, like Igor, Goblin, and Cherrybomb apologizing for his actions and wrongdoings throughout the years. Before the main persona removes them one by one until it’s just his normal self. At the end of each song, they end with the catchy “Call Me If You Get Lost: The Estate Sale” jingle. The eight new songs also have three new features from popular artists such as ASAP Rocky, Vincent Staples, and YG. Due to the positive response, all the songs are receiving a mass amount of attention and seven out of eight songs have over 6 million streams, with the highest amount being 37 million.