Welcome back!

Hey, Steelmen! This is Cynthia Stacy, the 2011-2012 Editor-in-Chief of the JTCJournal. We’ve been back in the marble halls for about a month now, and I have to tell you, I’m already excited to be a senior. Fellow seniors, make it through until May! Juniors, good luck on the ACT. Sophomores, don’t procrastinate with your Job Shadowing! Freshmen… stay out of the way. With the new stadium in place, it’s so important to feel a sense of ownership in our school. Be excited! We’re the only Steelmen in the world!

My goal for this year’s paper is to make it useful to the students. The past year was so successful as an online publication, but none of our audience was aware. The editors are asking the teachers and faculty to promote our hard work. When starting a presentation online, have the journalism site up and introduce your student writers. English teachers especially should encourage budding writers. I want to integrate the paper into being a Steelman again. Even though it isn’t a hard copy, we haven’t stopped writing. Any questions, comments, and concerns are welcomed! Send them as letters to the editor.

Online journalism is growing, and Central is very fortunate to be participating in this evolution.