Athletic Coming of Age

Daniel Rodriguez, Sports Editor

As we grow up we realize a lot of things about ourselves. We mature from kids into young adults a little in middle school, but mostly in high school. A lot of things in our lives change for example, our music taste, learning behaviors, our priorities, etc. Something that has changed for me during high school is my athletic views. I never liked going to practice, but my view on it changed. I never ran cross country in middle school, but I did play for the soccer team every year. In grade school I just saw practice as a waste of time, seeing how if you made the team you were good enough in the sport to play it. Now I see practice as a way of getting better. In middle school during soccer practice or any practice you mostly spent goofing around and having fun because everyone saw it as whatever. In high school practice is taken more seriously. In cross we run what we know what we can do, so we go harder every practice to get faster. I go faster because my team push me and motivate me to go faster. I also am realizing that I’m in high school so I’m trying to do something before I graduate. I’m also trying to get a scholarship to help me go to college, although it most likely won’t I can still hope and train. High school is my last shot to get recognized by a couple colleges and hopefully help me out with my life.