Coming of Age

Anna Kulak, Managing Editor

A lot can happen in just a year. Change is inevitable, and humanistic growth is imperative to a healthy life. Turning sixteen has always been glorified, and in my mind it was held on a pedestal and labeled as “sweet.” Subsequent to turning sixteen, I’d gotten my license, and soon, my first job. A few months into my sixteenth year, I was starting to become aware of the bitter aspects of growing up. As responsibilities piled up and time seemed to be moving ten times faster than ever before, for the first time I was experiencing some issues regarding my mental health. As obstacles were thrown in my path, my “sweet sixteen” didn’t seem so sweet anymore. I’d started to lose motivation and hope in myself and my future. I was experiencing one of the greatest changes of my life. Coming of age is often familiarized with the distinction and transformation between child and adult. However, in my case, I was rather transforming into my best self. When I began surrounding myself with people who only saw and wanted the best of me, and refrained from relying on others to make me happy, I started to see my entire perspective change for the better. I began addressing my issues, seeking help, and working towards a solution. The past year of my life has been full of adventures, bumps in the road, self-realization, struggle, and improvement. In just one month, I’ll be greeted with seventeen, a new year of learning and growth. All that I’ll be left with is the lessons I’ve learned, the adversities I’ve conquered, the beautiful petals I’ve bloomed, and the after taste of sixteen. Remember to never give up on anything, especially not yourself. #TeamAnna