Paityn Wilkinson (Managing Editor)

In October of 2021 I was hired as an editor for the JTC journal, and from that point on I’ve been dedicated to reviewing others pieces of writing, and taking a leadership role within the writing community of Joliet Central high school. Starting off my sophomore year I’ve been ranked up from an editor, to being the Co-Editor-and-Chief of the program. One of the main reasons I picked this opportunity was because I wanted something to be invested in during one of Covid most impactful time periods, and from that point forward I’ve enjoyed this privilege and all the opportunity it has given me.

I’ve had a very long history with writing pieces, such as: poems, personal narratives, short stories, and other forms of writing structures. Many of my past works have won certificates and medals, along with numerous competition entries. However, a future career I’m interested in pursuing when I’m older is interior design, which I take classes for at Joliet Central. Adding on, other hobbies I partake in include: skating, drawing, and working with technology. Most of these hobbies have been stuck with me for many years, and there will be more to come in the future.

So far in my high school journey I’ve participated in many events and During my freshman year of high school, I played on the JV badminton team and ranked #5 throughout the entire season. Many new people have gotten close to me, and high school gave me the chance to meet hundreds of amazing and loyal individuals, who I would later consider as friends.

I’m very passionate about the things I enjoy, and I take pride in being involved with my local community. Out of my nearly 60 students this year within two class periods, that being 7th and 8th, we’ve met many talented and creative writers who know how to make their topics interesting. Teaching those who have potential, and to pass on the Steelmen newspaper, is an honor that I’ve been awarded to grant to oncoming students in Joliet Central high school.