Verin Chavez

Starting off as an incoming freshman, I wasn’t sure what to expect for my first year of high school. Between choosing classes, accidentally enrolling in two AP courses, and trying to figure out which ones I can take, everything was a blur. After the first couple of days, I had figured out which classes I was gonna love and which ones I was gonna grow to dislike. Thankfully, Journalism ended up being my favorite. 

After a year of struggles, tears, and exhaustion, I completed my first year of high school. When it came down to choosing which classes I wanted to take for my sophomore year, I chose this one again. I love the people, the vibes, the class itself. Given that it’s my final class of the day, Journalism gives me the chance to relax, unwind, and take a breather. It’s still my favorite class, and it will most definitely continue to be so. 

When I first met the previous editors, I knew I wanted to get to their level. So I put my best effort into every article that I chose or was assigned to. I got my wish, this year I’m writing this as the Features Editor for the Journalism team. I’m happy with my position, but I’m gonna continue to work just as hard, if not more, to rise higher in the ranks. 

I still have two more years to work towards where I want to be, and even if I don’t get to where that is, at least I can graduate knowing that I did my best and it was acknowledged.