Shay Richardson

I had many goals when I first walked into Central and editing for the JTC journal wasn’t one. But now that I have this role, I couldn’t be happier. Everyone here is wonderful and it’s so nice to be in this space with creative and amazing students. At first, being an editor sounded stressful. Editing and helping people with their own work, going to school full-time, and editing the journal almost monthly. A lot, right? But no! We are a welcoming community and when things get overwhelming there is always someone there to support you. On top of that being an editor is fulfilling in multiple ways, but helping students feels the most rewarding. Providing a safety net for people that may need it is such a gratifying feeling, like being around to help people with their studies and providing the affirmations I didn’t receive. I’m so excited to see where this takes me and I’m thankful for this opportunity.