Global Fest 2016

Martina Lohmar, Reporter

This year Joliet Central hosted the Global Fest Illinois which created a very authentic and festive feel for its participants and organizers. Global Fest is the celebration of different languages and cultures which could can be found all throughout the world. Taught and demonstrated by students, teacher, performers, and many more, participants may have found themselves immersed in experiences and games based around many different world cultures. Some activities could have been; different student’s stage performances, Native Arts and Crafts, markets, and fun games in the “Krazy Olympiks” all relating to specific countries traditions and artifacts. These are just a few of the fun things you can enjoy at this upbeat fiesta. The fest continues with multiple presentations by the teacher for which they can showcase and connect the fun they have in the class room with the world’s different cultures as a learning kinship. Participants of this celebration include organizations and groups from middle through secondary school’s students, and private clubs such as 4-H and Girl and Boy Scouts of America. All participates enjoyed lunch together with closing ceremonies to finish off the day. Collegiate students received certification that they participated in this celebration of diversity. With all the uneasiness in the world today, this is way of show casing the differences in everyone heritage to bring us to a different understanding and tolerance with each other.

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