Valerie Alvarez, Reporter

Escaramuza is a horse-riding sport only for girls that is native to Mexican culture. This sport is a part of something bigger in Mexican horse-riding culture, known as Charrería. This riding is something much bigger than escaramuza and only involves men. March 22nd is the day when escaramuza is celebrated nationwide by all those who partake in the sport. Escaramuza is as old as the late 1900s, when the sport became professional in Mexico. Mexico is where teams can compete nationally in the most elite level of competition. The sport merely allows eight girls per team along with their eight horses. Before entering a competition, everything on each girl and horse must be exactly alike or the team will be disqualified. From the heavy but beautifully designed dresses to the lightweight cotton underpants (not literal underwear), each girl wears, everything matches. From the headpiece that the horse wears, to their leg protectors, everything on the horse must also match with the others. In this sport, every team has eight minutes and under to complete an intricate routine composed of twelve different exercises. While performing, each girl must ride with their legs crossed on their saddles- not an easy feat if the girl has no balance. This sport is unforgiving for those who have even the tiniest amount of fear in their minds. There is no room for second-guessing — yourself, your horse, or your teammate, because second-guessing usually leads to accidents with other teammates which, as you can imagine, leads to someone getting badly hurt. However, despite how dangerous the sport is, it is quite beautiful. Escaramuza continues to grow and be spread throughout the country and other parts of the world as more and more girls partake in this fast-paced and exciting sport.