Free Tuition at University of Illinois

Sara Link, Reporter

The school year has been going by so fast and although we are all eager for school to be over there’s always one question that we ask ourselves: What am I going to do after high school? A lot of us want to be able to go to college, but don’t always have that opportunity due to the expensive and inconvenient cost of attending college. Luckily, the University of Illinois is giving Illinois students the opportunity to attend college tuition-free. Before this opportunity was available, many students who were applying to colleges didn’t even consider U of I because of how high their tuition was, according to one of the school officials, Chancellor Robert J. Jones. He added that, “As a public university, we must see to it that talented students of all economic backgrounds in the state of Illinois have access to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.” Even though this is an amazing opportunity for students, it’s not available for everyone. The requirements to qualify for this program include: students must be a resident of Illinois, parents that are listed on their FASFA must also be residents, family assets must be below $50,00, be admitted as a freshmen or transfer student and students must be under the age of 24 to be able to take part in Illinois Commitment. Lastly, students whose household income is only $61,000 or less combined will also qualify for free tuition at the University of Illinois which will be available in the fall of 2019. Illinois Commitment, the name of the program, was made by the university to help make attending school more affordable for middle-income Illinois families. These requirements may seem like a lot for some people, however this program will be able to help thousands of families across Illinois and hopefully will inspire other colleges across the U.S. to create programs similar to the University of Illinois.