Peace Walk and Grito

Valeria Perez, Reporter

On September 13, Club Puentes, Team Human and members of Latinos Unidos from JJC joined together to participate in the Peace Walk and Grito after school. The Peace walk was started on Herkimer St. towards Eastern Ave and then left on Jefferson St. Words of peace, love and kindness were chanted and shouted throughout the walk by students and teachers. Minutes before the walk students made posters and created the chants they would use. There were around 50 people including students, teachers, guests, and the percussionists from the Joliet Central Marching Band. Before the walk commenced, students were also given the chance to participate in “El Grito”-translated to “the shout”. It is an announcement of what they really are and not what people see them as. Shortly after “El Grito” one of the members of Latinos Unidos performed a rap about individuality, peace, and love. He was accompanied by guitar and the Marching Band. During the walk some chants that were used included: “When I say more you say peace! More! Peace! More! Peace!” and “WE WANT LOVE! WE WANT LOVE!” The walk was a short 45 minutes, but people left feeling empowered and filled with positives vibes.