Freshmen’s Perspective On E Learning

William Hansen

Coming into high school is usually an experience that defies a lot of expectations, and of course with a pandemic going around these incoming students have been surprised one more time. When you enter the building for the first time it is exhilarating and scary, now these freshmen don’t get to have that experience. Whether it’s a normal school year or something like this, stress is bound to come. One freshman named Alyssa says “I have to deal with going into freshman year learning things online,” but there’s more to think about. On top of E-Learning, there is this sense of loneliness that occurs despite being in a zoom call with 20-30 peers, and mental/emotional burnout is inevitable for many. A freshman will also feel lost, having to navigate through endless emails and links to find their classes on time can be a stressful thing for the first week or so, but they get used to the routine. On another note, it is also a little bit easier for some; they prefer to be in the comfort of their room where they can play music softly as they get used to the new environment. The incoming students have a lot to worry about that’ll fade with adapting, such as getting “to” class on time, or how it feels to be in a “classroom.” There are some positives though, Julia and many others participate in shenanigans such as “muting our mics and Face Timing friends in class,” even class discussions get a little humorous and out of hand as she’s seen. So to say that being a freshman is entirely horrible is a bad blanket statement, though you may be connecting with your peers strictly via Zoom calls, some have actually formed friendships thanks to the awkwardness of breakout rooms. The teachers generally have been very helpful to the freshmen too, they clarify assignment details when asked and do help with the material if one struggles just as they would in a regular year. Overall, no matter the circumstances, incoming freshmen view the school year as difficult in the very beginning but gain their bearings with time.