Halloween Movies

Natalee Urbasek

It’s that time of year again, Pumpkin flavored everything, Costumes for all ages, and much more. Ah yes, Halloween is a wonderful holiday. One wonderful thing about Halloween is all the different movies you can watch. The Halloween series, The Conjuring, The Nightmare on Elm Street Series, It, and The Nightmare before Christmas are some of the most common movies found around Halloween. These movies are Halloween classics. Most people watch these movies with friends, family, or other loved ones. I went around my classes and asked students what their favorite Halloween movie was from these 5 choices: The Jason series, The Conjuring, Nightmare on Elm Street Series, It, and The Nightmare before  Christmas. 

Here are the results: 

17 votes = The Nightmare before Christmas

15 votes = The Conjuring

12 votes = It

12 votes = The Jason series

4 votes = Nightmare on Elm Street 

I can not say I was surprised to see that The Nightmare before Christmas got as many votes as it did. These movies have found their way into people’s homes all around the world. Most of these movies you can find at Walmart and any movie discount store.  After doing my research, I found out that not one horror/Halloween movie actually came out on Halloween. The first movie of the Jason series came out on May 9th, 1980. The Conjuring came out on July 19th 2013, being the “newest” movie on the list. The first Nightmare on Elm street movie came out on November 16th, 1984. The original It movie came out on November 18th 1990 and the last movie on our list, The Nightmare before Christmas came out on October 29th 1993. Some people can watch these movies all year round. Others just love watching them on Halloween or around Halloween time. In conclusion, I am not a horror movie fan myself but If I had to choose between the 5 movies given, I would go with the Nightmare before Christmas.