Halloween trick or treating guidelines 2020

Karla Aguirre

It is now officially spooky season and the most asked question has been “how is covid going to affect Halloween” and “will trick or treating be permitted this year”. Due to the covid 19 pandemic many things have been postponed or changed, but good news to Halloween lovers trick or treating is still on for this year in Illinois, but with some safety protocols. The new Halloween guidelines for Illinois state that every individual no matter if they are trick or treaters or passing out candy must maintain a distance of at least six feet apart. Individuals should also wear the proper face covering which is a face mask. Halloween costume masks are not considered one and should not be used as a substitute for a mask which is used for the protection of covid 19. If you have been used to trick or treating in a big group sadly for this year that should be avoided. While in a big group it is harder to maintain a distance of six feet apart from each other and also increases the chances of contracting the virus. In addition, many cities have changed the trick or treating hours this year. In past years Halloween has fallen on a week day and kids usually get out of school until after three o’clock pm so the hours used to be from four o’clock to seven o’clock. This year Halloween falls on a Saturday, the hours will be from three o’clock pm to six o’clock pm. The center for disease and control also advises to individually wrap goodies and leave at the end of the driveway for a moderate risk activity. Low risk activities include doing things in your household with household members for example, carving pumpkins, Halloween backyard scavenger hunts, outdoor Halloween movie night, and a virtual Halloween costume contest. Things to Avoid Are  going to haunted houses, Halloween parties, and fall festivals. This Halloween will for sure be a different one than past years, but there are many ways to still enjoy it safely. Follow all of the safety guidelines provided by the CDC for your state and have a happy Halloween!