Teacher’s Perspective On E-Learning

Melissa Hickey

E-learning has definitely had positive and negative effects on everyone so far. I asked a couple of my teachers four questions, Which are “How has e-learning affected you at home?”, “Do you think it’s beneficial for teachers? Students? Not beneficial?”, “Do you miss school or would you rather do e-learning?”, and “Are you more excited or nervous to go back?” I feel like their answers are somewhat similar, but somewhat different. The first teacher, Mr. Crim expresses how e-learning can be challenging because both him and his wife are teachers, he has a baby, and they have two other daughters in school. He said “Sometimes I spend my “plan period” changing diapers. Other times I’ll just relax and read a book or sit on my porch for a little because I need a break.” He said he would prefer a hybrid schedule if we go back. He explains how e-learning has taught us that we don’t need to be at school for 7-8 hours for 55 minutes each period, but it’s weird not seeing the students’ faces. He believes that “students need more autonomy and teachers need more time to plan, grade, and maintain their mental health. “Although he’s also nervous because society hasn’t invested enough in education to prepare us for this and for us to be able to adapt safely. “Also, our students need time to socialize with their peers. The most beneficial aspect of school, in my opinion is being able to learn how to adapt, respond, and coalesce in certain social situations. Our subjects are important too, but if you don’t know how to interact with actual humans outside of a screen your grade and knowledge is pointless.” The second teacher, Mrs. Foster thinks that there are advantages to e-learning. “I think there are definitely some advantages to e-learning like greater flexibility and the increase use of technological tools, but ultimately I miss seeing my students and having those casual interactions that build strong relationships.” She is super excited for when we’re all safely back together. She’s definitely more excited than nervous to go back. She explains how other schools are making rash decisions and Central is taking it slow and preparing. Lastly, she thinks that e-learning is beneficial for both teachers and students. Students are staying safe while staying on track for graduating on time. Although It’s not her favorite way to teach, but in the end it’s helped students and teachers.